Important SH 45/Mopac Construction Update

A new traffic shift will happen for east bound SH45 starting this Saturday, September 16th. Those traveling east bound on SH45 will shift to the left onto the new “flattened curve” for SH45/MoPac. For GreyRock residents, there will be access to Archeleta … Read the rest

Little Lending Libraries in Circle C

Check out the new Little Lending Libraries around the neighborhood! Bring a book, borrow a book! A special thanks to Betsy Shaver, Karen Collier and Rana Ansari for getting this project off the ground and volunteering to be the Stewards … Read the rest

Information About Coyotes/Sightings

From Adrienne Clark, Animal Protection Officer – Wildlife, Austin Animal Center

As Austin grows, our interactions with wildlife increase. Coyotes are highly adaptable animals, adept at living in desert and city alike. An increase in sightings is usually an indication … Read the rest

Google Fiber Reminders

The installation of Google Fiber is continuing through Circle C including on Escarpment, La Crosse, Spruce Canyon and South Bay.  Use caution when driving in these areas since the bike lanes have been closed to allow Google to do to … Read the rest

Dementia Care Giver Support

Caring for a loved one living with dementia brings many challenges for both individuals.  Hopes and fears, physical demands and changes and many other factors impact people living with memory loss and those involved in caring for them.  We recognize … Read the rest